Founded in 2003, first started with innovative Agricultural products for farmers, which till date are making successful stories in Punjab and Haryana, has come far from what it was yesterday. Like all startups fighting with teething problems, against all odds the company after gaining the success in Agriculture has now diversified itself into Information Technology with strong professional team. Now the company offers customized innovative solutions in software development, website development and System integration .The company has strong skill set and experience in technologies which include in developing high end solutions in network security integration, LAN/WAN solutions , search engine technologies , Web, Cloud and Mobile Applications
Ecologic Corporation, Logic At Work
Ecologic Corporation, Logic At Work

Software Services

* Application Design
* Application Development
* WebSite Development
* Application Developement
* Database Application Development
* Enterprise Application Development
* Mobile Application Development
* Wireless Sensor Network Simulation Studies
* MANET Network Simulation Studies
* Adhoc Network Simulation Studies
* Cloud Network Simulation Studies
* Grid Network Simulation Studies
* Parallel Computing Simulation Studies
* Question Answer Systems
* Narrative Science Systems
* Recommendation Systems
* Intrusion Detection Systems Systems
* NoSQL and Graph Database Systems
* Political Science Computer based Modelling

Ecologic Corporation, Logic At Work