Founded in May, 2003, first started with innovative agricultural products for farmers, which till date are making successful stories in Punjab and Haryana, has come far from what it was yesterday. Like all startups fighting with teething problems, against all odds the company after gaining the success in Agriculture has now diversified itself into Information Technology with strong professional team. Now the company offers customized innovative solutions in software development, website development and System integration .The company has strong skill set and experience in technologies which include in developing high end solutions in network security integration, LAN/WAN solutions , Search engine technologies , Web ,Cloud and Mobile Applications
Ecologic Corporation,Panchkula
Ecologic Corporation,Panchkula

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Ecologic Corporation , started as an organisation that provided innovative solutions in the field of agricultural fertilizer and pesticide adjuvants and within its year corporation also diversified into the IT services and in the year 2010 ventured into STEM based education.

Our IT portfolio includes Consulting and Application developments in the field both Mobile and Web , which are backed by the professional team of experienced professionals .

Today, creativity is as critical and so are the actual solutions to real problems of mankind , the current era is of building solutions that involves math, science, and engineering subjects not just managements , Therefore , we at Ecologic Corporation had initiated STEM based education system for building next generation of students .

Ecologic Corporation , Software Solutions
Our Specialization

Our Specialization


We work and perform best in Java , Python , C/C++, Ruby On Rails, R -programming,Octave-Programming and in VB.NET/ASP.NET based web and mobile projects .



Ecologic Corporation,Programming , Software  Solutions